About five or so years ago, the condenser for half our AC system had its fan motor burn out. I was fortunate enough to find a decent used replacement for a good price and all was well.

That was back then.

The same motor burned out dealing with the current bout of 100+ degree weather Houston has been under for the last month. Same motor, same condenser, twice the price. Didn’t help that the capacitors on the unit got fried in the process.

I learned a few things in the time between when it broke and when it was fixed.

  1. No HVAC system is designed or tested for continually operating in 100 degree or hotter weather; let alone air this thick with moisture.
  2. The systems are designed to bring the temperature difference inside and outside within 20ish degrees. Twenty degrees lower than 110 is still pretty hot.
  3. My house will heat up real fast. I mean fast. Like a lot faster than I would have thought.